How You Can Forget Racial Stereotypes And Date Who You Want

Although we all know that the whole world cannot just help but stereotype people based on race, social status or any other means, we most certainly hope for the day when a blogger will not wake up from his sleep and go on to write erroneously about "How To Date A Black Man." People are people. A black man is first a man before he is anything else, so is a black woman. The poor man is first a man before being whatever he is.

Normally people who ask questions that prompt this kind of annoying write ups are probably clueless about races and perhaps not really willing to learn much It would be such a nice thing if nationality was not made such a big and also a very unnecessary issue in dating. However, you would be surprised how much of a mountain people have made of this particular issue that is not even, in any way, supposed to be an anthill. Most of these senseless and mostly irrelevant concerns in interracial relationships are channeled towards the black woman. People think they are supposed to be treated differently even though they are women just because they are black. So the questions come and the insensitive posts go up.

Buoyed by our deep rooted belief that every human belong to humanity before they ever belong to any other race, we have written down pointers that can be of great help to you if the woman you have eyes on is not of your race. This is in a brave attempt to cut down on the many stereotypes which are associated with dating women of different races. This is to show that a woman is a woman, and you ought to treat her without such tags as white or black or coloured. You can easily connect to people of different races through But before you do that, here are some things you should know.

Make the first move, ask her out.

There is very little chance that you will ever go out with a woman you do not ask out. It is as simple as asking "hey, are you hungry? Let's go grab something to eat." Or "are you free tonight?" And do not debate on the probability of success. If you do not ask you will never know.

Do not pretend to belong to her race

Act yourself, be normal. If you are after a black woman do not try to act like a black man. It is not your forte and you will end up looking like a horrible experiment turned bad. Do not pretend to like what you feel black men should like. Do not force yourself to do things you think they do. If she will like you, she will like you because of you are, not because of the sorry excuse of a black man which you are struggling too hard to be.

Be honest with your intentions



Most women will like the fact that you consider them important enough to lay bare your heart and tell them what you are up to without much ado. Do not claim you are looking for something serious when all you are really after is to add a certain race to your dating résumé. Do not lead them on. It certainly will blow up in your face when you least expect it. Be truthful to her, it will favour you in the long run.

Always be open-minded and flexible

When you are dating someone of a different race, it is certain that the both of you will come upon issues where you will have differing opinions and ideas. There is no avoiding this because the both of you come from different backgrounds. However, you should not claim to have no opinion. You should be open-minded, argue but also know that your way may not be the best. Listen to her point of view and do not be so stuck on yours. You will even learn a thing or two if you are not so rigid. Great women love arguments and they love you to learn from them as well.

See the woman in her before you see anyone else

Black, coloured, white, women are women. Try not to take it as a racial experiment, as if you are observing her race through her behaviour. That will be a very foolish move. She is a woman who is entitled to feelings, longings, and a little vanity. Behave like it is a date. You are no scientist and she is not the object of your experiment. Treat her like you would a woman of your race and do not fall for the stereotype nonsense.

As much as possible avoid stereotyping

Do not make those terrible statements which may be trying to force their way through your lips. Do not ask silly questions about her people. If you ask questions like you already hold an opinion of her people, that will be a total turnoff. Ask like you want to learn. Asking her what she thinks about something is better than asking her what 'they' think about something. You may ask about what they do with keen interest that is not feigned. You should also bear in mind that it is her you are taking out, not her race.

Do not make it a habit of asking about her people

She would be happy if you show interest in her background, but you may overdo it and that would be bad. Even as you show that you are interested in her people and her background and cultures, you should also show that you are interested in her as a person without first thinking of her race. Sometimes, you have to forget that she is not of the race as you and try to know how she behaves, what she wants and does not want, what she likes and does not like, what makes her tick. It is a date after all and not an interview on races.